Top Things a PHP Programmer in Canada Needs to Know

A PHP programmer in Canada is:

most likely going to have to deal with the Canadian dollar, and the different time zones. This blog post will provide some insight into what a PHP Programmer needs to know about living in Canada, and working as a php programmer canada.

- PHP is most likely used in Canada more than other countries, and PHP programmers are usually well compensated for their time. This is due to the fact there are a lot of companies that need PHP Programmers based out of Canada because they have projects running on Canadian servers.

- PHP has different implementations like Zend, Symfony, Laravel which all run on PHP but may use different functions or syntaxes from each other. This means when getting into programming with PHP you will be learning new things about how your code works every day as opposed to languages like Python where it would be closer to vanilla php if using Django framework instead of something else like Flask .

- Canadians do not deal very well the cold weather compared to colder countries like Russia, Sweden or Finland. PHP Programmers in Canada often work from home because they don't want to go outside during the winter months when it's -40 degrees Celsius (or colder).

- PHP is a newer programming language compared to languages like C and Java which have been around for decades if not longer . This means that PHP has more functions available than other older languages which allow programmers new to php an easy way into writing programs without having to learn everything up front but can also be frustrating when trying find specific documentation on how PHP works. The good news is there are several great books written about learning PHP with different focuses like Object Oriented Programming , Data Structures etc... There are multiple websites out there as well dedicated towards helping developers.

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