Which programming language to learn to develop a mobile application?

Here, several options are available to you. Indeed, you should know that the 2 leading operating systems on the smartphone market are iOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung, Huawei, etc.). To develop applications on these platforms, there are several solutions:

To develop an android mobile application, two native languages ​​exist: Java, php web development and Kotlin. If the original language, Java, is still the most used, Kotlin is often preferred by developers. To develop an iOS mobile application, you'll need to learn Swift (the most recent, created by Apple in 2014 to simplify iOS development) or Objective-C (a language that is tending to disappear)! Please note, to develop an iOS application, you must have a Mac computer. To develop an application on both platforms at the same time (so-called cross-platform apps), the panel is even larger: If you already have experience with JavaScript (if you're a web developer, for example), look to React Native (based on React), Ionic (originally with Angular, then open to all other big frameworks), or NativeScript (which supports Angular and Vue.js). If, on the other hand, you come from the Microsoft world and know .NET and / or C #, you can go to Xamarin, which again allows you to develop on both platforms. Finally, if you want to go to even newer technos, take a look at Flutter, a framework developed by Google, using the Dart language, to develop on iOS and Android at the same time.

Which programming language to learn to design software?

If you want to get into software development, there are many options available to you:

Java, which is and remains a benchmark in the world of software development;
You can also learn C, one of the oldest and still in use languages;
Also aim for C ++, created to compensate for the lack of certain features of C (mainly the use of classes and all that follows);
Or even C #, also based on C, especially used in the Microsoft environment.

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